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PDF Design Report

£195 GBP


  • Questionnaire

If you want a designers take on your space. Details on how they would design your room and some basic information on implementing the design - then this package is for you.

What it includes:

This is a 5-9 page PDF written report (with some pretty pictures) that detail how we would go about designing your space for you. We take into account details you provide in an initial questionnaire that gives us an insight into your likes, dislikes, style and requirements for the space.

We include information on what colours would work in your space and how to test them.

What style and feel we would be aiming to achieve and how to accessories and furnish to achieve this.

We also look at lighting and layout to achieve a space that works and is tailored to you.

What is not included:

This is meant as a basis to design the space and not in place of our full design package. We do not specify specific items or provide a shopping list and we do not do any calculations for flooring, wall coverings or elements with in the space.

It also does not include any scaled drawings for the space or 3D images of the designs. This is meant as a template which you can follow to source items and suppliers in your own time. It is a push in the right direction for tying the space together and getting the look that's right for you.

This package is great for:

Those who need a push to get started on their design or need help finding a design that works for them. For people that are not sure which colour pallet works with their lighting, or how to put their favorite style into practice.